We are your partner in business!

It’s no surprise that there are literally thousands of “web designers” to choose from. With the vast amount of choices when trying to choose the right company to design your site, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. First, we are selling you a product, therefore the product should include everything necessary to ensure it’s success. Please see below how we rank up against our competition.

What we will do

  1. Design a website that matches the look and feel of your company. This includes choosing the right colors, incorporating your logo, and overall feel to make the site user-friendly.
  2. We will give you a digital copy of your new website. You paid us to design a website for you, therefore you are entitled to having a complete copy of it. This allows you to take your site and host elsewhere, or allow another designer to manage your site. Though once you experience the type of customer service we offer, we doubt you’ll ever leave.
  3. Design your website with SEO in mind. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When designing a website, it’s important that people can find you.
  4. Treat all customers equally. That means no matter if you pay for a 3 page site or a 100 page site, we’re going to spend the right amount of time planning and designing your website so that it looks just the way you want.
  5. You own your domain name. That means that you’re free to switch hosting providers anytime you like, and still keep your current domain name and website.
  6. All of the websites we design are “responsive”. This means that they will be view-able on a phone or mobile device.

What our competition does

  1. Throw your content into a generic template, without much concern for your company, colors, or logo.
  2. Once your site goes live, it’s common for many designers to lock you in, and not give you your website. You bought it, therefore you are entitled to having a full copy which you can take elsewhere should you decide to leave, or having another firm take over the design and maintenance.
  3. Create a website with improper use of menus, meta tags, titles, etc. It’s not uncommon for a firm to charge extra for SEO.
  4. Pay more attention to clients who have larger websites, and not so much attention to the smaller companies.
  5. It’s common for a design firm to buy your domain name, and then lease it back to you. This means if you decide to find another company to host/maintain your site, you can’t take your domain name with you.
  6. Most design firms charge for a “responsive” enabled website.